Let us go then, you and I

When the evening is spread out against the sky


I was born in Red Deer and grew up across Alberta and BC, but Edmonton has always been home. Because of my love of reading, writing, and all things literature and arts, I found myself graduating with a BA in English from The King’s University in Edmonton. I continued my academic career and graduated with an MA in Intercultural Studies from Taylor College and Seminary. I was elected to a number of student associations and served in various Vice President roles, while at the same time curling competitively in my local club. I worked at Fort Edmonton Park for 10 years, educating and inspiring people about Alberta and Edmonton history with story and narrative, as well as helping to create a world-class tourist experience. Now I continue to make a difference by working for the City's Municipal Cemeteries, providing leadership excellence, customer service, and support for citizens accessing our services. I serve the Edmonton region (Zone 6) on the board of Curling Alberta.

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